Thondar not only made a difference to the people who are in need, it made a qualitative difference in my life and the way I have began appreciating it.



Excited to be a Thondar who can make a difference in someone’s life.


Social Activist

As a Thondar, I escaped the dog eat dog world. Contributing to the environmental causes makes me feel in perfect equilibrium with nature.



Earlier I never appreciated how a small act of gesture could help someone who desperately needs it. Thondar enabled the opportunity for me to be an active part of a vibrant community of like minded volunteers.

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Today, our busy lives often make it difficult to think beyond ourselves. By giving back to the world we live in, we can lead healthier and happier lives. Become a Thondar today by donating to the causes we support.

One-time donations 65%
Recurring donations 44%
Anonymous donations 78%

Thondar inspired me to go above and beyond the call of duty and gave me the sense of gratification which I often overlooked in my busy life


Yad Senapathy


Meet Thondar, an organization with a legacy of dedication and service spanning more than five decades.

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Meet Thondar, an organization with a legacy of dedication and service spanning more than five decades.

Mohan Sagar


Madhuri Mohan


Educating Village Children

In remote villages, children often have limited opportunities for studies and educational advancement. Volunteers run a weekly school for hundreds of these children, where they teach basic subjects from texts developed by researchers and educationists and also provide healthy meals. Support them here.


GOAL : 10000 $

RAISED : 0 $


Cleaning the River Kaveri

Modern industrial pollution and littering is wreaking havoc on many rivers and water bodies worldwide. This leads to contamination and other environmental hazards. In India, volunteers are diligently cleaning the Kaveri, one of the seven major Indian rivers. Give them a helping hand here


GOAL : 6000 $

RAISED : 0 $


Feed the hungry

COVID-19 has destroyed the livelihoods of many families in the remote villages of southern India. Volunteer-run efforts feed these affected families from hundreds of villages on a daily basis. Support them here.


GOAL : 10000 $

RAISED : 0 $


Women Empowerment

Women are the backbone of any society. But they are often at an economic and social disadvantage. Thondar volunteers teach these women to identify their specific talents and develop marketable skills that will make them financially independent and self-sufficient. Support them here.


GOAL : 6,000 $

RAISED : 0 $


Choose the perfect plan for you

Thondar understands the need to balance professional life with volunteering work. Our volunteering options are always flexible and reliable, with plans ranging from single-cause donations to scheduled recurring contributions. If none of these work for you, no problem! Make a custom contribution plan and donate at your pace and convenience.


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Giving back to nature promotes peaceful coexistence with our environment and physical and spiritual harmony. Thondar fosters mindfulness and environmental efforts through a legacy of encouraging volunteering and service around the world.

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