Volunteer for a Happier Life.

Thondar connects busy people with enriching volunteering opportunities worldwide. Thondars find a sense of purpose when helping someone on the other side of the world.

Today, our busy lives often make it difficult to think beyond ourselves. By giving back to the world we live in, we can lead healthier and happier lives. Become a Thondar today by donating to the causes we support.

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Thondar demonstrates how service and volunteering can lead to a happier life. Our volunteers serve marginalized and downtrodden communities all over the world through education, healthcare, charity, and much more.

Thondar works with partner organizations and international charities that have a direct presence to help people on the ground. Thondar’s sources are verified and reputable; donations always go to real people for real causes.

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Thondar understands the need to balance professional life with volunteering work. Our volunteering options are always flexible and reliable, with plans ranging from single-cause donations to scheduled recurring contributions. If none of these work for you, no problem! Make a custom contribution plan and donate at your pace and convenience.


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Volunteer for a happier life. Thondar connects busy people with volunteering opportunities worldwide.

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Giving back to the world we live in, instills a satisfying sense of purpose and responsibility. Donate now.

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Giving back to nature promotes peaceful coexistence with our environment and physical and spiritual harmony. Thondar fosters mindfulness and environmental efforts through a legacy of encouraging volunteering and service around the world.

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Donate to our domestic and international programs today to make a real difference.

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